Mad Men, Season five Cast

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Mad Men has been off the air for 19 bajillion years 17 months, so don't be embarrassed if you might need a bit of a refresher when it comes to this cast of crazy characters.

Lucky for you, we're here to prepare you for the season-five premiere of Mad Men, airing this Sunday (March 25) on AMC. So here's a handy guide to where we last left our main players. Slap on a baby bump, light up a cigarette and enjoy!

Mad Men

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Don Draper (Jon Hamm): After relishing in the single life since divorcing Betty, Don (the smooth ad man with a complicated past), proposed to his new secretary Megan. The move surprised both viewers and Don himself, but after seeing Megan with his children, he immediately fell in love. Of course, as we've learned in previous seasons, no relationship with Don is ever easy street.

Mad Men, Christina Hendricks

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Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks): Joan ended season four getting knocked up by someone who is not her husband (Roger Sterling). But despite a trip to the doctor with the plan of getting an abortion, Joan kept the baby, telling Roger, "we avoided a tragedy." She told her hubby Greg that it's his child, and she has big plans for him to become a big-time surgeon. Turns out, he's not a very good doctor, so she might be left with an illegitimate child and an unhappy marriage. When we last saw Joan, she was seven weeks pregnant.

John Slattery, Mad Men


Roger Sterling (John Slattery): Or should we call him baby daddy? Thanks to a romp with Joan, Roger is now a father-to-be, with (as of now) no parental rights. Joan has told Roger that she is "not a solution to your problems. I'm another problem." The last time the two were intimate was the night they got mugged, when Joan's hubby was out of town.

January Jones, Mad Men


Betty Francis (January Jones): Now on her second marriage to another dry and handsome man, Henry, Betty has finally decided to move out of the house she and her children shared with Don Draper (her first husband, and the owner of the house). Betty has been working through some of her own psychological issues (of which she has many!) while taking her daughter Sally to a therapist. Things between Betty and Don seem a bit more cordial lately.

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men


Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss): Ever the real brains behind the operation, Peggy (now a copy-writing star) rescued the agency in season four by bringing in a pantyhose account. Work it, girl! Still, she remains undervalued and overlooked because she's a woman. Are her own pantyhose made for walking? Time will tell in season five.

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