Paul Is Dead...Again? Twitter Tries to Kill Off McCartney

Music icon is just the latest celebrity victim of a death hoax

By Peter Gicas Mar 22, 2012 2:32 PMTags
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Paul McCartney is still not dead.

But he is, once again, the victim of a death hoax, this time courtesy of...yep, Twitter.

Much like the "Paul Is Dead" urban legend that was created more than 40 years ago suggesting that the former Beatle had died in a car accident and was secretly replaced in the band by an imposter, "RIP Paul McCartney" quickly became a top trending topic on the social media site Wednesday.

Fortunately, the music icon is very much alive and kicking.

Unfortunately, however, this type of hoax is nothing new and, in fact, appears to be more rampant than ever.

Just the other day, folks were all abuzz over false rumors of Eddie Murphy's demise, while last week, fans of Céline Dion and Justin Bieber found themselves tricked as well.

Kind of gives "live and let die" a whole new meaning.