Bel Ami, Robert Pattinson


Dear Ted:
I know everything is about The Hunger Games these days but that got me wondering...Why hasn't Rob Pattinson announced his next project? Is there any buzz that you might know of?

Dear Take a Chill Pill:
Unlike his vampire counterpart, R.Pattz needs to get some sleep every once in a while! Plus, Rob already has three movies set to be released this year! Rumors now say Cosmopolis will debut at the Cannes Film Festival (we'll believe it when we see it) and Bel Ami has a release date early this summer. Oh, and—just in case you forgot—he has this really small indie flick called Breaking Dawn Part 2 due out in November. Personally, we think Rob just needs some time to rest, relax and hit the pubs with Kristen Stewart before building his IMDb profile. 

Dear Ted:
I heard that Reese Witherspoon is knocked up. If this is true, how does Jake Gyllenhaal feel about it?
—Color me Curious

Dear Who's The Baby:
She is! And Jakey is probably as excited as we are about that bun in the oven (which is, pleased things are going so well for R.W.). Remember, everything is pretty much water under the bridge for these two at this point.

Dear Ted:
I don't want to miss out on The Hunger Games casting fun! What do you think about Armie Hammer as Finnick? He is tall, athletic, extremely handsome and has a way of speaking that is different than other actors. He is so swoon-worthy and also has a bit of pretty about him. He would need to dye his hair of course and sport some green contacts, but that is easily done. What say you Ted?

Dear Bring Down the Hammer:
Everyone seems to have an opinion on who should be playing Finnick, love it! And while Armie is great and all, we just don't see him as Mr. Odair. He's simply not…edgy enough. Plus, we're still totally Team Taylor Kitsch! Either way, this casting team has an interesting road ahead of 'em, so we say: May the odds be ever in their favor! 

Dear Ted:
I have to say I completely agree with Kristen Bell as Johanna. People saying she's too sweet? She's an actress! She plays quite a manipulative character on House of Lies, played an intelligent, witty character in Veronica Mars and a sadistic psychopath killer in Heroes. Plus, as you mentioned, she is very cute and lovely, which is just what everyone thought Johanna was. So I just wanted to say your choice is excellent.

Dear Catching On:
You tell them, C! We could not be more on board with K playing the kick-ass, totally cool Johanna. Aren't you sick of people hating on her just because she's got those beautiful long, blonde locks? It's called a wig, people!

Dear Ted:
Taylor Lautner's career is in the dumps right now, mainly because Abduction took a hit at the box office. Is that why he's with Sara Hicks now? Are the starlets turning up their noses at him? When he was riding high it's always been date-and-dump with Hicks…and usually for a girl with a name. Also, if Taylor gets a good project and his leading lady is gorgeous with a name, what are the odds Sara will be able to hold on to him under those circumstances?
—Karma is a ...  

Dear Team Sara!:
Haven't you seen him with his shirt off?! We're not sure it's his acting skills that attract girls to TayTay. We said it before but we'll say it again: We think that Sara is par-fait for Taylor! And while we're not betting on these two in the long run, it's a good, no pressure relaysh for him right now.

Dear Ted:
Will Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart work together in the future?

Dear Fingers Crossed:
Probably. The demand is there right? I can totally see it…just not for a long time.

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