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Mirror Mirror may seem like an innocent fairy-tale flick, but trust, there of plenty of on-set pranks that went down behind the scenes.

And considering Julia Roberts undergoes one of the nastiest beauty treatments we've ever seen, we started to wonder if a few funny actors took the quirky tone to extremes. Perhaps it's Prince Charming Armie Hammer or sweet-as-pie Lily Collins? Or even the hilarious Nathan Lane?

Trust, from dead fish to drunken debauchery…this film may be PG, but lots of dirty-ish went down.

So, who's the biggest prank-star on set?

"Of all the pranksters, it was Armie," Michael Lerner, who plays the evil Baron in the film, dished to us at the Mirror Mirror premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Martin Klebba, one of the seven dwarves in the film couldn't help but sound off on the same subject:

"Armie! He left a dead fish in my toilet!" Marty explained while fighting back a grotesque look on his face.

Um, ew. And wouldn't a live fish have been more appropriate Mr. Hammer? Either way, Marty admits battling it out, prankster-style with Prince Charming himself, and some of his other costars felt the wrath of their competition:

"I got collateral damage because my trailer was next to Marty's and Armie was getting back at Marty but got the trailers confused. So he filled my entire trailer up with the fake snow—when I opened the door, it just came pouring out," chimed in Mark Povinelli, one of the fellow seven dwarves.

Oh and BTW, that fake snow? It's actually salt. So…hopefully Mark's a fan of exfoliation?

And hey, what's a little on-set fun if you can't let loose when you're off the job? Leave it to the resident jokester to keep the good times rollin':

"We [Armie and I] did have some crazy times actually in Montreal, having some fun times going out drinking and whatever," admits Robert Emms, the charming English chap who plays Renbock in the film. He added with a chuckle, "Armie's wife would always keep him slightly under control."

Too bad we couldn't join in on the fun—Armie sounds like a whole new kind of charming.

But no harm there, we say prank and party on!

Just, uh, stay out of trouble in Texas or that bakery you started might go up in smoke.

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