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Now that's how you do a TV mystery, y'all!

After two seasons building up to the reveal of the identity of the torturous character "A," ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars finally let the pretty little kitty out of the bag Monday night, and PLL became the most tweeted and Facebooked about TV series of all time (on a single day), according to social-media ratings agencies. Not too shabby!

"A" herself just chatted up our Ryan Seacrest to talk season three and more, and here are the highlights you need to know…

From Miss "A", aka Janel Parrish (Mona)!

On What's Ahead for Season Three: "Season three is going to be explanations." Janel dished to Seacrest on his KISS FM morning show, "We've answered some questions, but we've also raised more. So, season three will be about putting all the pieces together, finding out who's all involved, how Mona pulled things off, who she's talking to in the hospital, all those things."

On Who's Working With "A": We also now know that 'A' is not working alone. She's got partner(s) in crime! So who else is in on it? "No one really knows yet," Janel explains. "That's what season three is going to be all about, finding out what 'A' Team is…who all is involved." Asked if that could include Hannah's mother she replies: "I wouldn't be surprised."

When She Found Out She Was "A": "I have sort of known since the pilot two years ago," Janel reveals. "I read the books, so I knew that Mona was 'A' in the books. I kept pressuring our writers to tell me whether they were going to go that way…then I found out for sure that I was 'A' about a week before we filmed the finale. Everyone found out at the same time, it was really exciting." Janel also insists there's no jealous among the cast. "Everyone's super stoked. We've got a great cast and crew and everyone is just so excited."

On Keeping "A" a Secret: "They kept everything really close to the vest. We weren't supposed to tell anyone. Of course, I told my family and they were really excited, but I couldn't tell anyone else and it was really hard, because it was so exciting." She adds, "It was so worth it to wait and see how many people freaked out and what people thought about it. So, it was great."

Did you love the Mona reveal, or were you disappointed the producers ultimately followed the same culprit as the books?

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