Better start collecting money, American Idol producers, because Heejun Han is plotting something "crazy"!

Now that he's made the Top 10 and the summer tour, Heejun tells us that he's planning on doing something scandalous every week...just because he can. In fact, he warns the Fox show that they may have to pay an FCC fine after his performance tonight. 

We caught up with Heejun and the rest of the Top 10 contestants to talk about tonight's Billy Joel-themed show, going on tour and more!

First, we had to ask all the contestants, since they are so young, if they even knew who Billy Joel was when producers announced his songs were this week's theme. Billy Joel fans, you may want to avert your eyes. "Not at all," Jessica Sanchez says when we ask if she's familiar with the "Piano Man" singer. "When they said his name, I was like, 'Who's this guy?'" "I knew of his music, so I just didn't know who he was," DeAndre Brackensick tells us.

Luckily, there were a few Joel fans to even out the scales. "When they announced Billy Joel, I literally heard some people say, 'Who's Billy Joel?' And I'm like, 'Are you freaking kidding me?! Where is the rock you live under?!'" Colton Dixon tells us. Elise Testone is also a big fan thanks to her father.  "I love Billy Joel, He's the man," she says. "It's giving me flashbacks to growing up because my dad collects juke boxes and he always fixes them and when he does he plays the Billy Joel records as loud as he can."

Heejun says Joel is his "big time" idol. Why? "He's from New York, I'm from New York, he's been doing a lot of things in New York, I've been doing a lot of things in New York. So we have a lot in common." Never change, Heejun. Never change. 

Heejun teases that viewers should definitely expect something crazy to happen during his performance tonight...possibly something fine-worthy! "I made the tour, I made the top 10. Let's just do crazy things every week. It's going to be amazingly crazy," he tells us. "They might have to pay a good couple thousand bucks for fines for me." Heejun's roommate Phillip Phillips adds, "He has something up his sleeve that he hasn't told too many people about. It's going to be interesting."

The BFFs are excited to go on tour together,  and Heejun tells us, "We're going to be roommate for the rest of the summer!" So what are they most excited for? "We're probably going to play pranks on everyone," Phillips says.

Someone who is less excited for the summer tour? Joshua Ledet.  "I don't like any of them but Hollie," he deadpans. "So I don't want to be on a bus with them." We think he's kidding!

To hear more from Idol's Top 10, watch our interviews with them above!

What craziness do you think Heejun is planning? Are you shocked some of the contestants have never heard of Billy Joel? Sound off in the comments!

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