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Would GOOP by any other name still smell as sweet? Apparently not!

At least, that seems to be what the current beef between Gwyneth Paltrow and The New York Times is all about, following their claim that she used a ghostwriter to pen her cookbook, My Father's Daughter—which the queen of organic, homegrown chickens adamantly denies.

So who actually did most of the work on Gwynnie's N.Y. Times bestseller?

Ghostwriter be damned, Ms. Paltrow herself did the heavy lifting!

Our publishing insider was not aware whether or not Gwyneth actually had someone—in this case, Julia Turshen—help put pen to paper (the smoking gun in this par-tick scandal!), but tells us G.P. took her role as author very seriously:

"She really worked hard on the book," our knowledgeable source explains to us. "She even spent hours in the office for copy editing sessions."

And that's dedication. Other celebs-turned-authors rely heavily on ghostwriters to do the bulk of the work while the star will inevitably take all of the credit (we're sure you have a few ideas who this might include).

Heck, most A-Listers don't even bother to tweet for themselves—and that's only 140 characters!

But Gwyn took on the burdensome (and arguably boring) task of fretting over misplaced modifiers and misused commas. She has to earn a few bonus points there, right?!

Our insider continues, "She is very intelligent and committed to the projects."

Good to know, but isn't this all just a bit silly anyway? 

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