Nice, um, technique you got there, boys.

It's not just the ladies of Dancing With the Stars who have the market cornered on being scantily clad, and in one giant step for gender equality, E! News has dug up a photo of a particularly clothes-eschewing hopeful to prove it.

So, which fine figure of a dancing man dropped trou for the camera? You're not gonna want to miss this...


Ramey Photo

It's William Levy! Eyes up, folks.

Taken back in 2007 during a photo shoot, this sexy pic was snapped in between official shots, when the actor and partner of Cheryl Burke was waiting on a touch-up for his makeup and spray tan.

According to the agency, Levy was joking around with the photographer and grabbed a cowboy hat to protect what little modesty remained. Which, we're guessing by the size of that chapeau, is the only little thing about this star.

You're welcome, Internet.

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