Alex Pettyfer, Riley Keough

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"Are they or aren't they?" seems to be the question on everyone's mind.

And obviously we're talking about the rumored engagement of Magic Mike costars Alex Pettyfer and Riley Keough, who are reportedly set to say "I do" after just a few months of dating.

But, while reps for both stars have stayed totally mum on the topic, we had to get the real story behind this onetime bad boy's proposal.

So is Pettyfer still as smitten with his latest blond bombshell?

Yes, for now. But considering Alex has a history of falling hard and fast for his girlfriends, we would be shocked if the duo doesn't encounter a rocky emo road on the way to the aisle.

And sources close to the couple (who have observed them up close and personal recently) agree and wonder whether a ring is all that serious, at least coming from A.P.'s point of view:

"Considering Alex has had tattoos for Julia Roberts' niece [Emma Roberts] and Dianna Agron…maybe an engagement ring isn't too much of a commitment?" an insider speculated after the news first broke.

Not a totally invalid question to ask, after all. Especially considering Alex's tumultuous relaysh with Dianna Agron

And unlike plenty of H'wood dudes who are total commitment-phobes, Alex is just the opposite, with a history of dating his current flick's leading lady—he hooked up with costar Emma Roberts in Wild Child and then later dated I Am Number Four costar Agron. So his latest relaysh with Riley? Totally fits the dude's dating MO.

What's more? Riley apparently has that innocent appeal Alex is so damn attracted to:

"She's just sweet like a little girl or kitten…kind of untouched by the world," spilled one of our sources who knows the couple.

So it's no surprise Pettyfer wanted to be "all over" Riley when he first met the stunning celeb offspring. In fact, even our Pettyfer-Keough insider admitted Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh has said Riley "got the best from everybody in her lineage."

So, Riley, you clearly have a bright future with that beautiful mug of potential, but do you really know what you're getting into by marrying your sexy stripper BF?

Then again, considering the Presley family (Riley's mother is Lisa Marie Presley, her grandmother is Elvis's ex-wife, Priscilla) has a long history with Scientology, perhaps we should be worried about Alex instead—our source confirmed he's been spending a lot of time in Florida near the Scientology center.

So maybe we should be asking Alex if he knows what he's getting into? Tread carefully, you both.

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