Michelle Williams, Matilda Ledger

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Dear Ted:
I was just wondering what the relationship between Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger's family is like? Does Matilda have regular contact with his family? I really hope everything is good between them for Matilda's sake.

Dear Mother Knows Best:
Michelle has stopped short of nothing to make sure that everything is great for little Matilda. So, naturally, mama Michelle makes sure M is constantly surrounded by friends and family that keep Heath's legend alive. She's always been very good about that.

Dear Ted:
There is something about Charlize Theron I just adore. Yes, she is beautiful and talented (killer combo), but she appears to live a quieter life, outside of all the media hype. She also seems quite grounded. And with her little baby boy, Jackson, I suspect she might be even more media-shy? What's the deal with the South African beauty?

Dear the Real Fairest of Them All:
What isn't there to love about Charlize Theron? We're not sure what you're asking about her deal—basically, what you see is what you get! She's totally talented and gorgeous and luckily for little Jackson, we're pretty sure she'll be a much better mom to him than she will be to Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Dear Ted:
Any questions about Jennifer Lawrence copying Kristen Stewart should have been put to rest when the former showed up at her Hunger Games premiere smiling, waving and rocking a flawless, floor-length gold evening gown. Hardly the sulky, awkward Stewart style.

Dear Copy Katniss:
J.Law might not have been the girl on fire at her big premiere last week, but no one can argue that she was definitely a bit warmer than the sometimes-vampire-cold K.Stew. But how many times do we have to tell you that it doesn't mean that the comparisons aren't warranted?! Besides, we think both girls are super talented and super hot, so why does the contrast have to be such a bad thing?

Dear Ted:
I'm surprised by how much attention Hunger Games' Finnick is getting in the press compared to Johanna. Finnick and Joanna (and Katniss, of course) are my favorite characters in the entire H.G. trilogy. I really hope Kristen Bell doesn't get the role. She's too nice to play Johanna Mason.

Dear That Rings A Bell…:
I think we should just agree to disagree because we kind of like the idea of Kristen Bell as Johanna. Sure, Johanna is supposed to be super cutthroat and competitive, but wasn't one of her tactics to surviving the games playing sweet and innocent? Sounds like a perfect job for Kristen! But with all the talk over who will play Finnick, they definitely need to find the perfect Johanna. Who do you think, Awful Readers?

Dear Ted:
This morning I saw some pictures of Keanu Reeves at the Power of Film Gala in Hong Kong, and I must say he's looking mighty fine. From time to time, articles keep appearing on the Internet about him using Botox. What do you think, natural or not?
—Keanu Reeves Fan

Dear Shots Shots Shots:
Please, you're hardly anyone if you're older than 40 in T-town America and someone hasn't accused you of using Botox. We're not saying Keanu has been injected with anything for sure, but we do know that he's looking way more like an emotion-less Keanu than his typical web-sensation Sad Keanu recently.

Dear Ted:
You sure have been answering a lot of questions about Xavier Samuel recently, so can you please answer this one? The recent rumors about Ashley Greene and Rob Pattinson make me wonder, just how many Twi-guys has she hooked up with? My three rescue cats and I love your column already, but we would love it even more if I got a reply! Thanks!

Dear Kiss Our Ash:
It seems like Ashley has locked lips with nearly everyone in Hollywood, including onscreen kisses with Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz and Olivia Wilde! Not to mention all her offscreen relayshes as well (Joe Jonas, Reeve Carney—do we need to continue?). Regardless, we're pretty sure that R.Pattz is one guy that Ash hasn't swapped (deep) spit with—as if K. Stew would let that happen! Ash only has one priority in her life right now, though, and it isn't a man, but her career! She's working on her newest full-time gig, Americana.

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