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Obviously, you all have seen the new trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. If not, go check it out, like, stat—Kristen Stewart speaks (yay!) and Charlize Theron is even more devilish as the evil queen.

And lucky for us, both ladies stopped by the Today Show this morning—Kristen in tight leather pants and Charlize in a simple black dress—to discuss the dark side of the film and the Snow White competition with the other flick, Mirror Mirror.

So, are Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron nervous about the upcoming Snow White smackdown? And what did the Twilight actress spill about The Hunger Games?!

Kristen "can't wait to see the movie." Seriously!

But more on that in a sec, 'cause before she praised the highly anticipated film, she also touched on the massive fame the main characters will experience—a subject matter where K.Stew most definitely has loads of wisdom:

"I don't know…I hope so just on the level…," Kristen began to explain before trailing off when Matt Lauer asked the Twilight babe whether the HG actors will experience a similar publicity storm.

She continued, praising the actors for their hard work in the franchise:

"Yes, it gets very crazy, instantly the question is, 'Are you going to be able to handle it? Is this something you want?' But you look at those actors and you can tell why they are doing what they're doing."

Sounds like the Kristen we know and love! In it for the work, not the fame, and very dedicated to her craft—much like Jennifer Lawrence, who also admitted she's no "slave" to the HG films.

But even though Jen has said she was reluctant to take on such a big production, its clear Kristen has respect for her franchise counterparts and only wishes them the utmost success:

"It's so obvious no one signed on to that project to do the next big thing and I think that's the coolest way to see something get big. I would love them to be happy in doing what they're doing," she gushed before adding, "I can't wait to see the movie."

OMG. You mean after all the alleged feuding, comparisons galore and even email exchanges, Kristen is actually excited to see the flick?!

Yep, gotta love the support from a fellow franchise family member.

So since Kristen certainly doesn't seem worried about her franchise competition, perhaps she's directed her attention to the Snow White smackdown, ya know, the big-screen battle with the other Snow White flick, Mirror Mirror, which will be released just a month prior to SWATH?

We'll let Charlize sound off:

"There's a way to do them in different worlds… I don't think Universal would have backed this film the way they have if they thought we were playing to the same audience as the other one," the new mama coolly explained.

So even though these ladies may not be worried, we still want to hear which flick you're rooting for as all three hit theaters?

What will it be, Awful readers? Snow White and the Huntsman? Mirror Mirror? Or The Hunger Games?

Battle it out below!

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