Prince William, Kate Middleton, Blake

David Rose - Pool/Getty Images

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Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't the only St. Andrews alums making headlines.

Four of the royal couple's former classmates have formed a boy band—a classical-pop quartet named Blake.

But the guys realize they're not a boy band in the traditional sense.

"It's flattering to be called a 'boy' at this point," Blake's Ollie Baines, 29, tells People.

"Maybe 'man band' is better," adds bandmate Humphrey Berney, 31.

Blake—which originally formed in 2007 and has released three albums—has been invited to perform at Buckingham Palace on two occasions by Queen Elizabeth II, where they were playfully teased by Prince Philip. "He kidded with us that he couldn't remember [us]—which he could, of course—but it was his way of breaking the ice," Stephen Bowman, 31, says.

So what did these fellows think of Kate back when she was still a commoner?

"She was very charming, very pretty and she was known as being very polite," Baines said.

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