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There were plenty of issues on Khloé & Lamar tonight.

Lamar Odom struggles to allow his father Joe back into his life while Malika wrestles with the decision to get breast implants. Of course, Khloé Kardashian Odom is there for both of them.

So did Malika end up getting the procedure done? And were Lamar and Joe able to reconnect? 

Lamar's father Joe calls him and suggests they go on a trip to Santa Barbara or Hawaii together, but Lamar is hesitant. "My father was in and out of my life for a long period of time," Lamar says of his newfound relationship with his father. "He wants to go on vacation together, but I've gotta draw the line somewhere." 

While Lamar won't go to Hawaii with Joe, he will go to dinner with him, which gets off to a rough start when Joe asks Lamar if he has any bracelets he can give him. Soon, the conversation turns to all the people they've lost in their lives, including Lamar's mother in 1992. "My father, he had a short stint in Vietnam," Lamar said. "My father's platoon had been taken out and in order to survive he had to crawl in a foxhole that had a lot of his dead soldiers in it and hide under them…what my father's seen, he naturally had PTSD and I had no idea." Of his experience in Vietnam, Joe says, "I'm still trying to find my way home." 

Khloé and Lamar visit Camp Pendleton so Lamar can get a better idea of what his father went through. "I can't help but to think about Joe and what he went through in Vietnam…I think I'm starting to understand him more," Lamar says after spending time with the Marines. 

"I gotta give my father a break," Lamar later says to Khloé, explaining that everything Joe saw during the war threw him off his course of being a father for awhile. "My father had problems he really couldn't take care of himself." He then calls up his dad and says he wants to take him wine-tasting in Santa Barbara. All together now: Aw!

After her breakup with NFL star Adrian Wilson, Malika decides she wants to get breast implants. Khloé says she thinks Malika is beautiful the way she is and is only interested in this surgery because of her breakup. To try and convince her not to get the surgery, Khloé takes Malika lingerie shopping, but Khloé gets more than she bargained for when Malika shocks her by telling her, "You can get lipo." Way harsh!

The car ride home is tense and Khloé reveals, "I can't believe Malika insulted me and called me fat." Despite the lingerie shop drama, Malike still wants to go through with the surgery. "I honestly think you're going to regret it," Khloé tells her. Again, Malika denies that she's getting the surgery because of her breakup. "It's not a man issue," she stresses. "It's a Malika issue."

Malika goes for a consultation with a plastic surgeon and sets a surgery date, but starts to have doubts when she sees a woman who has the same size breasts as her and loves them. Later, she goes to see Khloé and tells her she isn't getting the surgery and admits she was thinking about getting it for the wrong reasons. Oh, and she tells Khloé she isn't fat.

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