Adrian Grenier, Entourage, President Obama

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President Barack Obama really did love the HBO series, Entourage.

So much so that it looks like he may end up making an appearance in the HBO series' much talked-about movie spinoff…

Adrian Grenier posted a photo of himself and the prez on his Facebook page earlier today with a message reading, "I promised to make the Entourage movie if he would do a cameo. He agreed. Seriously."

It was first revealed back in 2008 that the leader of the free world enjoyed watching Entourage and fellow HBO series The Wire. "I never try to analyze these things too much, but I think Obama is someone who believes in family and loyalty," Entourage creator and executive producer Doug Ellin told the New York Daily News at the time. "And I think at its core, that's what Entourage is about."

The president told People magazine in December that his favorite show to watch with his daughters is Modern Family, but he also  enjoys HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Showtime's Homeland.

Perhaps it's time for a First Family cameo on Modern Family?

Do you think President Obama should be in the Entourage movie? Chime in below.

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