Now that she's newly single, Jennie Garth is having a cow.

Nope, she's not freaking out—she having a real cow! You know, the mooing kind?

After her shocking split this week from her hubby of 11 years, Peter Facinelli, the single mom is moving on with her life by hightailing it to a California farm with her three daughters for a fresh start.

But what's in store for the erstwhile 90210 star and her adorable gals?

In this clip from Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country, her new CMT reality series premiering this April, we catch up with Garth after she and the gals—Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona Eve, 5—relocate to a bucolic seven-acre farm in Central California to escape the high-glam trappings of Hollywood.

Here, we see Garth and two of her daughters attempt to feed a calf, who's meandering around with its mother.

"Boy this baby must be hungry, let's just see if she'll come to us," Garth tells her girls, as she wields a ginormous feeding bottle.

"See how close the baby sticks to its mommy? See how much they love each other?" she asks her daughters. "That's all the baby needs is his momma, just the two of them, that makes a family."

Ooof, was that just a not-so-subtle jab at absentee pop Facinelli? Ouch!

After all she's been through with her marriage—including swatting down rumors of infidelity—Garth has proven herself to be one tenacious and resilient lady.

But is she tough enough to survive life as a pseudo-country bumpkin? Stay tuned!

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