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It's not easy being a Senator's daughter—especially one who's ogled over not so much for her political views as the size of her chest.

Perhaps in a sly nod to the boob obsession, Meghan McCain, the 27-year-old outspoken daughter of Sen. John McCain, opened up to Playboy about the scrutiny she constantly receives over her body, the trouble with Bristol Palin, and yes, even her sexuality.

Sorry, girls, you're out of luck. You guys are kinda out of luck, too...

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Because the lovely Ms. McCain did not take her clothes off for her photo spread.

Meghan did, however, clear up a few things about her personal life—like addressing those gay rumors.

"I'm not a lesbian," an amused McCain told the magazine. "I'd be the first person to tell the world I was gay. I'm not private about anything. I think you should live how you should live. But I'm strictly d--kly. I can't help it. I love sex and I love men."

While she's used to being hit on by women, on the subject of gay marriage, she let it be known she's a live-and-let-live kind of gal unlike many of her conservative colleagues.

"Who people want to sleep with and who they want to love should not have anything to do with government politics at all. And if you see me in a gay bar, it's only because they play the best music and my gay friends like to dance," the political columnist said. "Gay guys love me. It's the big boobs and blonde hair."

Alas, it's the former that frequently gets the attention—and in the most sexist ways.

When asked why a conservative blogger once bemoaned that "this self-indulgent set of mega-breasts doesn't belong anywhere near a TV studio commenting on anything," McCain pushed back against the criticism.

"Who says stuff like that? Some guys out there just can't handle a woman with a strong opinion. And the quickest way to cut down a woman is to talk about her appearance. Do I care? No," she said.

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As for the younger Palin, who criticized Megan and her mom in her memoir for being divas on the campaign trail because they had "so much Louis Vuitton luggage…cell phones and…constant helpers to do hair and makeup," McCain didn't mince words, calling Bristol a liar.

"All that stuff she wrote was a total lie. I have, like, one Louis Vuitton purse. She's just young and confused and was thrust into all this. The media aren't kind to her. But once someone signs up for Dancing With the Stars, it's hard to sympathize," noted Meghan.


A rep for Palin was unavailable for comment.

One thing her fans can count on: Meghan won't be following Bristol to Dancing and reality TV.

"Never! Hell would freeze over before I would do a reality show," she said.

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