Desperate Housewives, Doug Savant

ABC; Toby Canham/Getty Images

Nicollette Sheridan may not find anything funny about her ongoing Desperate Housewives legal battle, but the gang on Wisteria Lane sure does.

Even if her court case still isn't over, the jokes are already flying...

"Marc has probably hit me a dozen times, easily," Doug Savant laughed at last night's UNICEF Playlist With the A-List benefit in L.A. "He's a very physical guy. He's just as quick to give me a hug as give me a slap."

James Denton, who was killed off the show on Sunday and actually testified in the trial, said he's "never" been hit by Cherry, but cracked, "and I deserved it!"

On a more serious not, Savant said, "I'm surprised at what a media event it is. We're all anxious to get it behind us because all the press has been about that and not about the end of the show. I'd really like to get the focus back on the end of a great eight-year run."

Also at last night's bash was six-months'-preggers Molly Sims.

"I'm nervous," she said about giving birth. "I've asked 150 questions, I'm reading books, I'm driving myself crazy, I call my doctors...It's scary."

Heidi Klum was at the bash and performed the Village People's "YMCA" in an Indian headdress with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle and Molly Shannon also attended to charity event, which raised $100,000 for UNICEF's Schools for Africa initiative.

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