Jersey Shore, Season 5 Cast

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Before we say anything, we must take a moment in honor of Ronnie and Sammi, who, for the first time ever, went through a whole season of Jersey Shore without explosive fights.

OK, now back to business...

Tonight was the last episode of the season (wah!), so did our favorite group of overly tanned reality stars leave us with something good to hold on to until (hopefully) another season at the shore?

Let's see...

Operation Inside Out was a success. The roommates couldn't believe the prank Pauly D and Vinny pulled. They're definitely champs.

Everyone was having fun with the idea, except Mike, who said that it "really, really, really pisses" him off. Relax Sitch, don't go bang your head against a wall or anything.

And, instead of grabbing all of his stuff and bringing it back inside, like the others, because it was about to rain, he just sat back and complained. Why should he bring it all back in if he didn't put it out? Ayiyi, Michael!

Finally, Pauly gave in and helped "The Bitchuation" The Situation bring all his "ruined" belongings back inside the house.

That night everyone went out to Jenk's, with a cocktail in one hand and fist-pumping with the other. Vin made friends with two lesbians who were down to try and find him a DTF girl, but ended up wanting to have a threesome with him instead. Whaaaaa?!

He hoped to give them one last "hoo-rah" that would cause them to "switch teams back."

Either way, Vinny had sex with two lesbians. Two! Congratulations, our friend. But did his unthinkable act cause an apocalypse?

Obviously not, but the weather changed drastically afterward. Dark clouds, wind, lightening, thunder…Is there a tornado comin' to the Jersey Shore?!

The tornado whistle said yes, which then led Deena to scream and shout that she's driving away. Not the smartest idea…luckily, she didn't actually do it and everyone lived through the scary storm.

But it was their last night at the Shore house, so regardless of crazy weather, everyone went out to Karma.

We got to meet Mike's oldest brother Frank and his girlfriend, who is also Deena's sister, Joanie. They were a pretty cute couple. Dee and Sitch just might actually become family.

All the guys went to fly kites (random) after a bittersweet Sunday night dinner, so the girls brought out their revenge: a box full of water balloons and a sling-shot. It started out strong, but totally backfired.

Ronnie locked them out on the deck, leaving the girls with nowhere to go, while all the guys started filling up their own water balloons.

Things got wet.

The next day was full of packing and goodbyes. And a little bit of bromance tears between Pauly and Vin. OK, maybe we cried a little, too.

"Leaving the shore house is always bittersweet, like, you're excited to go home and see your family and friends, but then again, I mean, the party's over. I mean, what am I gonna do with my life now?" Snooki said.

Get married and have a baby, duh!

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