Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston

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We were thrilled to point out the thoughtful piece Whitney Houston's longtime friend Robyn Crawford penned for Esquire—she discusses Houston with such love and admiration—unlike some of the self-serving content we've been seeing (hello, National Enquirer cover).

And we have been so eager to hear more from Robyn, as some say she was closest to Whitney during the happiest time in the late diva's life.

So in lieu of Oprah's candid conversation with the Houston fam, we assumed it was only a matter of time before another news outlet snagged a sit-down with Whitney's former creative director.

Not so fast…

"She's just gone into hiding. She has had to go underground. She doesn't want anything to do with the media," explained a source thisclose to Robyn.

And considering ABC is actively pursuing an interview with Bobby Brown, we're not surprised Robyn's been hounded by the media. After all, several questions have been left unanswered and so many are trying to break the real story behind the late diva's death.

'Cause Oprah's interview with Patricia Houston seemed to only raise more questions regarding Whitney's passing, especially when Patricia revealed Whitney was "looking for comfort, love…and it was younger," before adding the singer was chasing someone "that would ultimately hurt her."

So as one of the biggest mysteries remaining, networks hope Robyn can shed some light on Whitney's love life, considering she first met Whit when they were only 16 years old and spent years traveling alongside the vocal powerhouse.

But the negative attention has caused Ms. Crawford to hide now more than ever:

"She has been pursued without discrimination by the paparazzi, the press, she's practically been attacked. She's had to call the police," explains our frustrated source with clear sympathy for the Houston friend.

So we have to wonder what's most important in this very sad sitch—a shocking scandal on the singer or an honest look from someone who clearly adored Whit.

We say the latter, and wish everyone would give Robyn the respect she deserves so she can open up about Whitney in her own time.

"She just doesn't want to grieve publicly, it's as simple as that," our source firmly stated.

Understood, and when Robyn's ready to talk, we're sure she'll have a lot to say.

Hey, we'll take that over a self-serving tell-all any day.

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