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Dear Ted:
Don't you think it's a bit hypocritical to back Robsten and Ryan Gosling-Eva Mendes but bash Timberbiel? You claim you don't hate them, but honestly when was the last time you wrote about them and it was positive without any backhanded compliments? Robsten and Ryan-Eva are just as private and PDA-less as Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. You have to admit five years together in T-town is an accomplishment, especially with the amount of tabloid heat they get. He obviously really does love the girl if he went back to her when he can have just about any girl he wants. So why not root for them? No couple has a perfect relationship…everyone has their ups and downs. Stay nice.

Dear Softball:
Hey, all I wanted was to see the rock, and I've seen it. Which is confirmation enough. I'm not asking for them to tongue each other down in public. K.Stew and R.Pattz, Ry and Eva, they know how to tease the public but stay private, it's an artform that J.T. and J.B. haven't exactly mastered. But I'm happy for them.

Dear Ted:
Do you feel if anyone should write a book on Whitney Houston that would get both sides of the marriage, divorce and loyalty, it should be the daughter, and do you think she will eventually later write a book?

Dear Zipped Lips:
Do I think Bobbi Kristina might someday put pen to paper about her mom? Sure. Probably, actually. But that's only a very short period of Whitney's life and would leave out a lot of what made her her. Plus, it'd be hard for Bobbi to relive the darker moments in her mom's life with clarity. There are people better suited for the job.

Dear Ted:
How come the unbelievably perfect and gorgeous Matt Bomer didn't already make several GQ covers all over the world? He's the epitome of elegance, class and beauty. I don't get why he has had so little recognition so far (comparing to other Hollywood studs way less perfect), considering that he's been in the biz for a while and he's even leading a popular TV show for three years now.

Dear Preaching to the Choir:
Babe, I'd be perfectly fine seeing Matty's gorgeous mug on every magazine cover ever. But you answered your question yourself: Right now, he's a TV star. And movie stars generally get first dibs on magazine covers. Hopefully with Magic Mike, Mr. Bomer will be able to switch to big-screen heartthrob. Wouldn't that be nice? 

Dear Ted:
I keep hearing that Darren Criss has a girlfriend, but how is he able to maintain a relationship when he's arguably the hottest thing in Hollywood right now? Surely women and men are vying for his constant attention? Yet other people can't seem to be trusted to be alone for five minutes?

Dear Criss-Crossed:
Well, a lot of the juicy Glee dirt happens on set, and any woman who's captured Darren's heart doesn't have too much to worry about in that department. He's so not Naya Rivera's type, ya know?

Dear Ted:
Of everything you've answered and will answer, please answer me this....what is the deal with Mila Kunis' tummy in the Big Picture photo gallery?! I'm never one to speculate on a li'l weight gain, but this looks like soooo much more! Culkin Jr.?

Dear Eek:
I don't exactly like speculating about this stuff, but I definitely heard the murmuring when the pic was taken. For now, I’m just going to chalk it up to a big meal and an unflattering angle. I do not think Mila is looking to take on mommy duty yet.

Dear Ted:
Angelina Jolie
and Beyoncé aren't in any "Mommy Circle" in my town, so I really cant say who's the better mom. Still, Angelina's children clearly will not share their goldfish crackers with Mom. Sharing is caring ;).

Dear Please:
Like she'd actually eat them.

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