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Think just because there have been two major deaths on The Walking Dead recently that the finale will give its characters a break? Silly, silly TV viewers!

"We're on a good killing spree right here," The Walking Dead boss Glen Mazzara tells a group of reporters via conference call regarding the AMC hit series' recent string of casualties, including major players (spoiler alert!) Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn). So yeah, the killing spree is definitely continuing in Sunday's finale, but is anyone safe? And would the show really kill off a pregnant woman, even if Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) isn't exactly popular with fans? Plus, what'a ahead for Carl (Chandler Riggs)?

Here's what Mazzara had to say about the highly anticipated finale...

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Two Guarantees: During the hourlong call, Mazzara promised two things. First, "I guarantee there will be bloodshed." Though the show has been on "a big killing spree," he says no character is safe. "These characters have felt that they are safe on this farm and they've been wrong...No character is safe. We have examined killing every character on this show."

The second? Cliffhanger! "I will guarantee that people will watch this finale and want to know what comes next. The diehards will say they can't wait for October," Mazzara teases. "We're setting up stories and nice payoffs of emotional stories that open up other stories in season three. People are going to have questions in a good way when it cuts to black."

Over the Line? To say some viewers hate Lori is a bit of an understatement, but would the show really kill off a pregnant woman, or is that too far...even for The Walking Dead? "If it's earned and character-based and propels the story forward, nothing's over the line for us," Mazzara explains. "Dale's death propelled the story forward in a big way—even Lori's going out to Shane. She was scared and wanted to get her ducks in a row. Shane's death propels us forward. So we have certain criteria for any death."

Follow the Leader: "I'm very interested in focusing on Rick (Andrew Lincoln)," Mazzara says of his leading man, who killed Shane  in last week's episode. Rick is the leader of the group. "This season has always been questions of his leadership. We open  episode one with him on the roof, the world around him—these deaths and how is it developing for Rick? What does he do with these people? How are we focusing the show on Rick? It all leads to Rick killing Shane. Rick took action in a very big way. That's a big statement we're telling about our main character. He's evolving as a person and a leader. That killing was a lot messier than the one in the bar. What is he willing to do as life gets harder?"

The New Normal "He's growing up in this world where everyone else is trying to hold onto the pre-apocalyptic world while Carl is quickly forgetting it. Lori and Rick are at different levels of recognizing it—Lori more than Rick," Mazzara says of Carl, the show's lone child. "Carl, if he survives, will grow up in a world where the pre-apocalyptic world will be a very distant memory." 

Fans of the comic will like this next tease from Mazzara: "We do want to see Carl grow into a badass."

The Walking Dead finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Who do you think will die in TWD's finale? Do you think the group will leave the farm? Sound off in the comments!

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