Wonder what Mama DiCaprio would have to say about this?

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend of three months, supermodel Erin Heatherton, stopped by ABC 7 Chicago's Windy City LIVE to chat about the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy tour, but the subject quickly turned to her A-list beau.

And lucky for us, questions are tough to dodge on live TV…

"I do have a dog named Eddie," Erin modestly replied when asked whether she was indeed dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

Way to dodge the question, babe! But why so mum on the status of your relaysh?

After all, this sexy twosome’s been going strong ever since they were first spotted back in December (just after Leo and Blake Lively called it quits).

But don’t think reporters let Erin down so easy, as they quickly show a picture of the couple gazing affectionately at each other and ask her to set the record straight, to which Erin coyly says, “What we’re here to talk about today is the Very Sexy tour.”

But even though gal looks stunning with her light blond locks and dewy skin, it's totally obvious Erin’s awfully uncomfortable and does not want to discuss the status of her relaysh.

Could it be because this couple’s stronger than ever before?

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We think so, as it seems this leggy blonde has found her match in the model-lovin' actor. Whether the couple's zip-lining in Mexico (along with Mama Irmelin DiCaprio!) or attending A-list Hollywood soirees, this fine-lookin' duo's quickly proving they are more than a jet-setting fling (à la Blake Lively).

Plus, Erin so has the stamp of approval from Leo's mom (if those adorable Mexico pics are any indication), and it's no secret that support from Irmelin means mucho in the eyes of the hunky actor.

Hmm…will Erin be the one to tame the long legs-lovin' playboy?

They do take awfully cute family pics.

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