Jonah Hill Reveals Bizarre New Nighttime Habit...Donald Ducking?!

Actor explains to Jimmy Kimmel how he often wakes up fully clothed, but minus pants

By Peter Gicas Mar 15, 2012 7:27 PMTags

Habits might be hard to break, but sometimes they can also be downright hilarious.

Take Jonah Hill's latest predicament.

While chatting about his new movie, 21 Jump Street, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the actor revealed a somewhat embarrassing phenomenon that has been happening lately that he and costar Channing Tatum have dubbed "Donald Ducking."

Wait, what?

While Hill insisted he's never been a big drinker, the Oscar-nominated star admitted that he and Tatum have been kicking back a few more than usual given how the studio gave them a plane "filled with beer" to travel around the world to promote their upcoming flick.

"I'll get drunk, we'll go out and have fun," said Hill. "I'll go back to my room and I'll sleep in like boxers."

And here's where it gets a bit strange, albeit pretty funny.

"I wake up the next morning, without knowing what happened in the meantime, with a dress shirt, a tie, no pants or underwear, dress socks, dress shoes completely tied. We call it Donald Ducking," Hill explained, obviously referring to the beloved Disney character who seems to have a penchant for going pantless. "But not like casual Donald Ducking, but business casual Donald Ducking."

When asked by Kimmel how often this occurs, Hill admitted that it has happened at least six times.

"Always a dress outfit, never any pants," he clarified.

Ha. Talk about quacking us up.