LMFAO, Bashar al-Assad, Chris brown

Christopher Polk/Getty Images; Carlos Alvarez /Getty Images; PacificCoast News

If for some reason you picture notorious Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad jammin' out to his iPod (not sure why you would, but whatever), you might not peg him for a Chris Brown fan.

Surprise! He apparently is.

According to a recently unearthed trove of emails alleged to be from him and his wife, Asma, the strongman allegedly laughs off promised reforms, is obsessed with social media, enjoys America's Got Talent and, yes, downloads music from iTunes.

Guess that's one way to take your mind off the thousands of civilians killed since protests began a year ago against his repressive regime.

So who else is he listening to?

According to The Guardian, aside from songs by Lebanese artist Nasri Shamseddine, emails between Assad's account (registered to a different name and location) and iTunes revealed that he's very with it on the music scene.

Assad also allegedly purchased records from Brown and artists Right Said Fred, New Order, the Cover Girls, Leona Lewis and LMFAO.

He also bought "God Gave Me You" by country star Blake Shelton and sent it to his wife, Asma.

Were his countrymen not so busy trying to oust the dictator, we can imagine they might have songs to suggest themselves.

Like, say, "Hit the Road Jack," maybe?

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