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Attention, all Kate Middleton wannabes: Your country needs you. In particular, your country's most eligible bachelor.

Prince Harry, fresh off of completing a 10-day, four-nation tour in honor of the queen's Diamond Jubilee, sat down with CBS News this week for a surprisingly candid series of interviews.

And it turns out the interviewer didn't even have to ask any probing personal questions to get to the good stuff—because while chatting about his royal duties, Harry took it upon himself to share a little bit about his love life.

Or, to hear him tell it, his lack thereof.

While asked a seemingly standard question about the world's fascination with royalty and how it feels from the privileged inside, Harry veered slightly off track.

"No, not at all," he said of whether or not his life matched the fairy tale ideal. "As any girl will tell you. It's that sort of, 'Oh my God, he's a prince,' but, no.

"The job that it entails…look at me, I'm 27 years old and not so much searching for someone to fulfill the role, but obviously finding someone that would be willing to take it on."

Here's hoping Prince William knows how good he has it.

"It has been slightly strange, this trip especially, because the fact that I've been representing my grandmother…people go crazy for royalty—people go crazy for David Beckham. The Commonwealth countries, fine, I can understand the hype, but the warmth of reception was beyond anything I'd ever expect."

Way to course-correct, Harry. Of course, that's all part and parcel of the hyper-self-awareness he's exhibited on his trip, explaining that it's no accident—but also no setup—that each photo op on his tour has trumped the last.

"You've got to give something back," he explained. "You can't just sit there. And obviously, knowing that all the cameras are there…I would never call it playing to the cameras, 'cause that's not what I'm doing. But I'm fully aware of the shots that they want, you know."

Like that instant classic of him posing with Usain Bolt.

Prince Harry

Courtesy of: Chris Jackson

"No, it wasn't planned at all. But I knew that he was going to ask me to do it. And I didn't plan on…I didn't really want to do it, because it's just not necessarily my kind of thing. But I knew, in a split second, right, they are going to want it, so let's just give it to them. And sure enough, then it, you know, it puts it right on the front page, or it becomes a bigger story than it might have been otherwise."

And bringing attention to things and areas that otherwise wouldn't receive it has been the name of Harry's globetrotting game, particularly when it comes to kids.

"Obviously, hopefully me being me has brought a certain amount of attention to a place that needs attention…I'm very much a kid inside myself," he said. "As far as they're concerned, they haven't a clue who I am. They just think I'm a tall white guy who they can hang off and I can throw them around."

Of course, the other name of his current game is honoring Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year on the throne.

"She's a fantastic woman, not only as a grandmother but as a queen, as everybody knows," he said. "I never expected the reception, as I said, that we've been given in these countries. The impact that she has on these Commonwealth countries from so far away is astonishing. It choked me up a bit, to be honest. To them, she's the queen, but to me, she's just Granny."

Ladies, form an orderly queue.

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