She's not just a CIA agent, she's a mother!

Ashley Judd is on TV, y'all, and she is not messing around! The movie star is getting her Liam Neeson-in-Taken on in her new drama series, Missing (which premiered tonight on ABC). In other words, she's going to do anything necessary to find her missing son. Yes, this is one mom who isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty.

Now that you've seen the series premiere, we want to hear from you: Would you care if Missing went missing from ABC's schedule in a few weeks? (See what we did there?)

Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned, are we right?!

Becca Winstone (Judd) is a former CIA agent who retired 10 years ago after listening on the phone to her husband Paul (Game of Thrones' Sean Bean!) a fellow CIA agent, die a horrific death. Now, Becca must rely on her old training and contacts when her 18-year-old son Michael (Nick Eversman) is kidnapped in Rome. (Shows like this are the reason our parents never let us go on Spring Break and/or study abroad!) So it's so long normal life of running a flower shop, hello life of vengeance! Sounds like Becca and Revenge's Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) would get along famously, no?

Fret not, Sean Bean fans: While the actor dies in the premiere (he seems to die a lot onscreen, no?), his character will appear in flashbacks in future episodes. Wheeee! Take that, Joffrey! Oops, wrong show.

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