Remember when the first Snow White and the Huntsman trailer hit the net and looked beyond badass, what with Kristen Stewart decked out in armor and Charlize Theron putting the bitch in wicked witch?!

Well, prepare for round two! Chris Hemsworth appeared in a Web clip today courtesy of the SWATH team announcing another trailer would be debuting this Monday during The Voice (as if we needed any other reason to watch besides Adam Levine's pretty mug) and on (as well as a 5 minute extended scene).

So will K.Stew get some dialogue action this time around?!

We think maybe! But you won't even have to wait that long…you can hear her get her British accent on now.

Yes, that's right: Kristen's Snow (unlike Lily Collin's version) appears to be English! Wonder if she got tips on the accent from Robert Pattinson, eh?

The preview for the preview doesn't reveal too much new stuff, just a few new shots of K.Stew frolicking with woodland creatures and some awesome-looking CGI stuff having to do with Charlize.

But new behind-the-scenes clips have also surfaced that show a first look at Kristen's Snow locked up in a dungeon at the mercy of Charlize's Queen Ravenna—and that's where, in full-on British whisper mode, we finally hear her ask: "What do you want from me?!"

Also among the goodness in the behind-the-scenes footage are some action shots of Kristen, more takes of Charlize looking drop-dead gorgeous and K.Stew sounding off on her onscreen rival ("She's perfect to play the queen because she's got this presence…she can level you.")

Love. It. We cannot wait to see these two go head-to-head in what's sure to be the ultimate fairytale fight once the flick hits theaters in June (right around the time Rob's Bel Ami debuts too, FYI). But until then we'll have to be content with getting another look next week.

For more behind-the-scenes footage including talk about the look of the film (and a look at Kristen wielding a sword) and Charlize introducing their Oscar-worthy costumes, peep the videos below:

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