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Update, 12:55 pm: A rep for 20th Century Fox studio confirms that the fate of the movie has been decided. Read below for details!

Jack Bauer better come to the rescue!

Sources confirm the 24 movie might not be able to move forward this year, in part because of a scheduling crunch for star Kiefer Sutherland. So is there any way it will still happen?

Kiefer himself told us:

"We're working as hard as we can [to make the movie happen]. We're looking for directors right now and [we're] trying to find the right person to make the film who isn't working in that time frame. What makes it very difficult is that there's a very small window between the end of Touch and when we start up again, and we're trying to squeeze [the movie] into that."

Kiefer told us this during a recent interview promoting Touch (another Fox series premiering this Monday), and added that he's keeping his fingers "and toes" crossed.

Sources confirm the Deadline report that the window of opportunity for the movie is closing fast, as Kiefer has limited time to shoot—during his Touch hiatus. The studio (20th Century Fox) and producers have yet to nail down some key specifics (including a director) before the start date, which was originally targeted for May. The studio has not yet replied to request for comment.

Update, 12:55 pm: 20th Century Fox confirms that it has been decided: The movie will not move forward as planned this year. Despite reports that Kiefer and producer Brian Grazer were displeased with the movie budget (and star salary) that was offered by Fox, the studio rep clarifies: "It's due to timing. Budget, salaries, etc. were never set."

Maybe Jack Bauer will save the world next year?

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