Jessica Simpson

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson has never been one to hold back, but now that she's pregnant, all bets are off!

The 31-year-old mom-to-be dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday—in 6-inch heels, of course—to chat about Fashion Star.

She even shared her totally TMI nickname from the show, which she got because she was  "sweating [her] butt off…"

"I just started calling myself 'Swamp Ass,'" she told Leno. "Like, I have swamp ass right now. I had major swamp ass because I was wearing these Spanx to hold in my gut… It's like the bayou up in that [area]."

Oh, Jess!

She also promised DeGeneres that despite looking like she's about to pop, she actually has "some weeks" to go before her little girl is due. "It's not like tomorrow!"

The daytime host joked that based on the size of her bump, Simpson would probably be delivering a "15-pound baby."

"They said definitely over eight [pounds]," the fashion mogul said. "There is only one [baby], there is only one girl… But I did get knocked up by a baller ... A big football player."

Simpson's fiancé and baby daddy, Eric Johnson, is "like 6'4" and weighed "almost 10 pounds" when he was born.

"Labor is really going to hurt," Simpson told Leno, adding that she's been having Braxton Hicks (false labor) contractions.

But Johnson, a former NFL player, is enjoying the benefits of having a pregnant fiancée. Simpson told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show Tuesday that she's "unstoppable in the bedroom." And Johnson? "He's always ready," she laughed.

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