Effie Trinket doesn't mess around when it comes to fashion. And neither does her real-life counterpart Elizabeth Banks, it seems.

"I really am inspired by her sartorial choices," Elizabeth explained to Ashlan Gorse and Catt Sadler at tonight's Hunger Games premiere. "My wardrobe used to be all black all the time, but now I add colors."

Which was obvious with tonight's killer neon Versace couture. But what does Ms. Banks have to say about channeling her inner be-yotch?!

"No. So easy. I love being mean," she deadpanned when asked whether it was hard to bully her young costars (like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson). "They're getting fame and fortune, they can take the heat every once in a while."

Though clearly she was only joking, people:

"I was being in character, I would never be mean to them as Elizabeth Banks," she went on to say. "Just as Effie. Elizabeth is so nice."

Elizabeth noted another distinction between the two, saying if she were full-on Effie, she'd have matched her nails and wig to her chic orange mini-dress. So what part of her wardrobe most inspired her onscreen transformation?

"The witch boots," Elizabeth replied when asked about getting into character. "As soon as the shoes went on, I was Effie."

And what a villain she makes! Oh, and if you want some advice for seeing the movie when it hits theaters next week, Elizabeth says there's one par-tick viewing essential:

"First of all, bring your tissues. It's just as emotional as the book. I cried reading the book. It's a great ride!"

And we're sure we'll cry buckets too. If only over how fierce you're costuming is.

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