Are Bachelor's Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Still Together Now?!

Plus, Chris Harrison asks Ben about the cheating rumors

By Natalie Finn Mar 13, 2012 3:30 AMTags
The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, CourtneyRalph Freso/ABC

All this time, you've been watching Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson do their thing on The Bachelor.

Well, guess what? So have they.

Sure enough, her negative vibes on the show "led to Courtney and I not talking for a period of time...We were essentially broken up," Ben admitted tonight on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special.

So, does that explain why he was seemingly photographed kissing another girl recently? Why was Courtney trying on wedding dresses? But, most importantly, are Ben and Courtney a couple now?!

First of all, Ben swears he hasn't "kissed or hooked up" with another woman or otherwise cheated on Courtney.

"On my father's grave," he promised as he insisted that he was not seen kissing other girls and that the tabloid photos were of him with "friends from San Francisco" or "past photos."

Interestingly, Ben admitted that Courtney went out to try on wedding dresses in public right when the negative stories about him started making the rounds. "Just to screw with people?" inquired host Chris Harrison. "You guys clearly are very weird."

But charmingly weird enough to work out?

"Yes, we're together...I think," Courtney sniffled when she was in the hot seat, before the tears started to flow and she admitted that she didn't know what was happening.

"I don't really know," she continued. "I know how I feel about him, and that I love him. I'm not ready to just turn my back on him. So…I'm willing to try."

Then again, Courtney said that Ben was supportive of her when the show first premiered—"and then he abandoned me."

"He didn't send flowers, a card or anything" on Valentine's Day, she recalled, adding jokingly, "He didn't even send carnations!" (Another Sex and the City joke to go with her vows, FYI.)

There were times "I didn't leave the house, I just laid there and I cried," Courtney said sadly, noting how important trust is to her.

Judging by what she said on her own, we imagine that she was confused when Ben came back out, sat down beside her, and told Harrison, "We're engaged, we're in a good place. Now that the main part of the show and the negativity is gone, it can only get better."


"It hasn't been an easy ride," Ben said in the understatement of the night. "I want to apologize to her, in front of everyone, for not standing by you throughout this entire journey...I messed up in that regard, as an engaged couple and as the man, I feel I should have stayed with you the entire way instead of taking steps back and taking time apart.

"That was my coping mechanism," he said to Courtney, "but you know that's not how I operate in real life. We're about to start ‘real life.'"

But before "real life" could begin, Ben and Courtney got to relive their televised proposal in all its romantic Swiss glory.

Those feelings "never left," Ben said. "There was never anything wrong with us. It was everything that surrounded us...That beautiful moment has just been soiled by all of this. That's where there have been uncertainties. It means as much to us, but nobody gets that."

He said that he "absolutely" feels the same way about Courtney as he did on the day he proposed. And when Chris pulled what was Courtney's ring out of his pocket to test whether they were really engaged or not, Ben slipped it back on her finger.

"Yeah, I do," Ben said when Chris asked if this relationship will end in a wedding.