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Ashton Kutcher is hugely credited to saving Two and a Half Men from slowly dying after the Charlie Sheen scandal. And here we are, at PaleyFest 2012 honoring Men for another successful season!

But will we get another season starring Ashton? And what did cocreator Lee Aronsohn tells us was the main different between working with Sheen and working with Kutcher? We got the exclusive scoop...

Ashton, who stayed oddly silent during panel and looked a little worse for wear, all but confirmed he would be back, if the show gets renewed. "I'm adoring the time I'm having. I haven't heard from the powers that be yet." When the audience looked to creator Chuck Lorre, he threw his hands up and responded with a laugh: "That's not me! I'm not the power."

Of course, a Two and a Half Men renewal is pretty much a given. "It's unusual if they cancel a show that's in the top 10. I think there's hope," Lorre said.

The pressure is definitely on CBS now, because before the panel, Lorre told us that if Ashton isn't on board for another season, there really isn't a point to make one. "I don't see any reason to continue without him," he says. "He's a delight, he's a really nice man and he's a really easy-going guy, he's very relaxed and very professional. He shows up and he's ready to work, he's prepared and he brings it."

"It's been terrific, the guy is a pro!" Aronsohn exclaims, adding he would "absolutely" love to have him back for another season. "He's been willing to try anything and he brings a lot of smarts to the character and he's a complete professional. I've got nothing but great things to say about him."

It was also Aronsohn who gave us our favorite soundbite of the night when we asked what the main difference was between working with Sheen and working with Kutcher. "The biggest change is we don't have to check TMZ in the morning to find out if we need to go to work."

Two and a Half Men

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During the panel, the Two and Half Men cast and creators spoke honesetly about the last year of scandal and recovery, with Lorre even admitting that it was a "miracle" that they were all there on that stage.

"A year ago today I know we thought the show was over," Lorre admitted. "And it was hurtful and heartbreaking. There was no closure. It was just a very, very dark time. And to have the show be reborn like this and have fun doing it…it's been a great year."

Cryer added: "I would have really been sad that the show ended the way that it did. It was still an amazing ride. Some of it more roller-coaster than others. It surprised me that it retained the fanbase it has and it's been such a joy to keep doing this [character]."

Happy to hear that Ashton will be back next season? Do you prefer Two and Half Men with a side of Sheen or Kutcher?

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