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Dear Ted:
What's the latest on Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? This "we're serious and madly in love" seems so fake to me…but if they're serious, good for them. Was something going on between them back when they were filming Green Lantern? Ya know, when they weren't flying back to see Scarlett Johansson or Penn Badgley on the weekend. Tell us, Ted!

Dear Caught in the "Act":
Are Blakey-poo and Ry faking it?! Puh-lease! When both halves of the couple are that hot, you don't have to fake anything. Especially since their movie already came out forever ago. And the numero uno sign the two are getting serious? They've toned down the PDA…a little, at least. As for their famous exes? There's no timeline overlap.

Dear Ted:
Call it jealousy, but I just can't get on board with the Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes relationship! She's gorgeous, but she's not in his league talent-wise or fame-wise. How long do you see these two lasting? Who would you rather see Ryan with?

Dear Hey Girl:
Rachel McAdams
, duh. JK, we all know that ship has sailed. And don't worry, I totally understand being jealous—who wouldn't want to romp around Thailand with wonderfully ab-tastic Ryan?! As for your Q, the twosome has already been together for six months, which far outlasted my prediction! Think they can last for six whole months more?! I suspect Eva will try.

Dear Ted:
Are Cory Monteith and Lea Michele dating in real life?

Dear Like a Love Song, Baby:
While I'm still not totally convinced (blame it on zilch compatibility), the real-life Finchel pairing definitely aren't going out of their way to deny it. And why would they? It has Gleeks in an absolute tizzy!

Dear Ted:
What did you think of Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown? I found it a bit heart-wrenching and a tad on the pitiful side. There is something about this young girl that screams lost! I always thought that family wasn't able to help her mother, so they would certainly not be able to help the daughter either. Would that be an unfair assessment on my part? I wish the daughter well, but after the interview, I have my doubts. Kisses to your four-legged fam!

Dear Not Like Mother, Like Daughter:
I can't imagine that anyone could've watched that interview and not felt at least a little bit of heartache, especially since Bobbi hasn't been able to breathe without the tabloids tracking her every move. That said, Whitney and her daughter are hardly the same woman. Bobbi will have it much easier.

Dear Ted:
What do you think is up with Rihanna? Aside from what appears to be her rekindling her relationship with Chris Brown, she tweets topless photos of herself and goes to dinner in a mesh, see-through tank. Being young and having a great body is one thing, this borders on some sort of exhibitionism. What's the deal?

Dear See Right Through Her:
When you put it like that, it all sounds like little Ri-Ri is a little desperate—for attention, that is. While I'm certainly a subscriber to the belief that if you got, flaunt it, Rihanna has more than proven her point that she doesn't care what the ef anyone thinks and she's going to do what she wants. Here's hoping XXX peep-show shirts don't turn into anything more extreme.

Dear Ted:
Why are so many people trying to compare The Hunger Games to Twilight? It's like comparing apples to oranges! The only things they have in common are a young cast and being based on young-adult books. I've read both series and prefer Twilight's romance and angst to The Hunger Game's angst and romance. Will The Hunger Games be more successful? Possibly, but only because it has enough potential gore to attract young men to the theater than Twilight.

Dear Bella vs. Katniss:
Because, aside from their literary past and hottie casts, the two mega-fandoms are in the same vein, a young gal coming into her own under strenuous circumstances. And though Bella and Katniss couldn't be more different, there's also the love-triangle biz. Sure, it's not the focal point of H.G., but it's there. But I'm thinking Hunger Games will do more than fine on its own, no vampy connection needed.

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