Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) and Lenny Kravitz (Cinna) really committed to their Hunger Games characters.

Lawrence said she prepared for her role by "running, free running, climbing, hand-on-hand combat and yoga."

"She's a dream woman," the actress said of Katniss. "She's a female hero that doesn't even try to be a hero."

And Kravitz?

When he first got a call about playing Cinna, Katniss' über-cool stylist, he didn't know the story of The Hunger Games. But after reading the book, he knew immediately he "would love to be a part of this."

Besides being thrilled to work with Lawrence, a close friend of his daughter Zoë, Kravitz was "relieved" to find out his character wasn't as over-the-top as most Capitol residents. "I think a lot of people expected Cinna to be more flamboyant," he said. "But Gary [Ross, the director] and I discussed the character and thought it'd be more interesting to portray him like a Yves Saint Laurent or a Tom Ford—someone more classic."

Still, Kravitz didn't escape the makeup chair completely. "[Cinna] has his gold eye shadow, which is his signature," the actor said. "But [it's] his creations that are very big and over the top."

Plus, find out why Elizabeth Banks jumped at the chance to play a villain and how she portrayed Effie Trinket as "funny, tinged with a little bit of evil."

For more of Effie, Katniss and Cinna, check back here on March 12, when we'll be livestreaming all the action from the Hunger Games premiere.

 —Additional reporting by Bruna Nessif

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