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It's a Vampire Diaries spoiler party, and you're all invited! And so are Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and the rest of that ridiculuosly good-looking cast.

We caught up with the Vampire Diaries gang at PaleyFest, and they were in such high spirits that they were dropping scoop bombs left and right! And lucky you, we're sharing all the info.

And now, to really whet your TVD appetite, we present you with one of the juiciest bits of scoop regarding Stefan, Elena and Damon straight from executive producer Julie Plec

"There's lots of kissing. There's actually more kissing in the next six episodes that we have left for the season than there has been all season long," she tells us. "We got to about episode 16 and we thought, 'Nobody is happy! No one's in love! No one's making out! No one's naked! What's going on? This is ridiculous!' So we make up for lost time."

Dear TV gods, please let her be talking about one of the best love triangles on television right now: Stefan, Elena and Damon. But seriously, how hot does all that kissing sound? Could it possibly be getting hotter for Stelena and Delena? Well, for that we turn to Paul and Ian, who shed some light on what's coming up.

"I think what they're trying to do is they built this relationship with Damon and Elena and I think now they need to bring it back to the root of Stefan and Elena," Paul says. "And to do that they need to make Stefan a little more acceptable by her standards. But I'm assuming it will probably switch back eventually. At least I'm an optimist, that's my hope."

Paul is optimistic that Stefan will go back to being bad? Sounds crazy, but that's why we love this damn show. But won't that push Elena away...again? Fear not, Stelena shippers! Paul is confident that those two won't ever be done.

"I think the story is grounded in that relationship," he muses. "There has to be hope for them. The series needs that backdrop of them potentially being together and being torn apart. That's the key component."

Ian, however, takes the wind out of Stelena's sails by offering up this tease: "I think that there may be some very cool Damon and Elena stuff coming." He said that with a slight eyebrow wiggle, so you know that something good is about to go down between those two.

Also something to look forward to is the season finale, which we recently revealed will revolve around a flashback to the night Elena and her parents got in that horrific car accident. "We are looking for Elena's parents," Julie Plec confirms. "And as we know, Elena's parents and Elena nearly died in a car accident a couple years ago. While the finale has not been written yet and the words are not actually on the page, certainly there is an element of something we're trying to do, which is maybe go back to that night and see a time where Elena had a simpler life where she wasn't in love with vampires and her parents were still alive and of course relive the experience where it all went horribly wrong."

And just in case you are wondering, both Nina and Paul did reveal that they both have been recently scuba-certified, so prepare for some underwater scenes, y'all!

For tons and tons and tons more scoop on TVD, including what's coming up for Caroline-Klaus, Alaric and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang (Tyler and Jeremy, too!), check out all our spoiler-filled interviews with the cast!

What do you make of all this scoop, TVD fans? Who do you think we'll be sharing all those kisses: Stelena or Delena?

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