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The good news: Daniel (Joshua Bowman) wasn't murdered on the beach! The bad news: He's currently sittin' (very) pretty in jail as suspect numero uno in Tyler's (Ashton Holmes) death. You win some, you lose some!

So just how much danger is Revenge's Daniel currently in? And will Emily (Emily VanCamp) choose to save him or her childhood love Jack (Nick Wechsler)? And how far is Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) willing to go to get her son out of jail?

We just screened the first two acts of Revenge's return episode (set to air in April, boo!) and let's just put it this way: no one is safe. Here are five things you can expect from the episode, plus a few teases from the cast and creator Mike Kelley that they so graciously dished out during their Paleyfest panel...

Daniel's in Danger: The episode starts off with Daniel writing a letter to Emily, one very similar to another letter she received from an imprisoned man: her father David (James Tupper). Don't worry, Emily gives Daniel some tips she learned from her juvie days. Too bad she didn't teach him how to properly protect himself from his mother. You see, Daniel's trial is not for another three months, so he'll be stuck in Rikers for that period of time, unless he's in a life-threatening situation. Victoria (being Victoria) goes to extreme lengths to get Daniel out of jail. Yeah, it's not pretty and he will eventually find out that his mother orchestrated his beatdown. 

Don't worry, we won't have to endure Daniel in jail for long. Episode 18 will jump ahead a few months and take us to the trial, which will then wrap up in episode 19. How's that for breakneck pacing?!

The Hunt Is On: Jack isn't the only one looking into Amanda's (Margarita Leveiva) fact, almost everyone is looking for her. Victoria is desperate to pin Tyler's murder on Amanda and is working with Daniel's lawyer to find her. When they have no leads, Victoria sets her sights on another person to take the fall: Jack. Yikes! Yes, Emily will try to protect Jack and the audience will learn just how far she's possibly willing to go for Montauk's most popular bartender. 

However, Connor Paolo might have let something slip while listing all of the things Declan will be dealing with in upcoming episodses when he included "Jack's trial." 

Blood Is Thicker Than Water: Declan will find himself torn between protecting his brother, whom he knows was on the beach that night, and being there for his troubled girlfriend Charlotte (Christa B. Allen). While we don't see a lot of Declan in the opening two acts, we hear he's "essential" to the murder trial and Paolo tells us Declan will always choose family. "Charlotte isn't family yet," he teases. 

Mason's Back: Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) comes back into the picture when Emily realizes they can use him to their advantage in Daniel's trial by having him report on the trial and perpetuate that it was Amanda who killed Tyler. While he's hesitant at first, considering he lost his house and beloved typewriter the last time he was in the Hamptons, he changes his tune when he realizes just how big Daniel's trial will be. 

In episode 20, we'll flashback to 2003, where the show will reassemble all of the people Emily has taken down (or planning to take down) in one room and it'll be an event that finally convinces her of her father's innocence. Plus, we'll get to see Jack with really long hair! In that episode, we'll also flashback to the '90s. 

Love Triangle Scoop: The Daniel-Amanda-Jack love triangle will be heating up with Amanda's exit and VanCamp teases that Emily will start leaning towards Jack in the upcoming episodes, though she still has feelings for Daniel and we'll see how far she's willing to go for him at the end up episode 17.

P.S.: Per usual, Nolan's (Gabriel Mann) one-liners are awesome and he shares some juicy scenes with Amanda, Jack and Mason...all while wearing two polos. 

Are you looking forward to Revenge's return? What are you hoping to see? Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel? Sound off in the comments!

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