Whitney Houston, Kirk Cameron, and Lindsay Lohan

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A lot has happened in the past few weeks: From Bobby Brown dipping out on Whitney's funeral, to Kirk Cameron's "unnatural" statement, to Lindsay Lohan's high-larious comeback on SNL—Hollywood's been chalk full of controversy as of late.

Which is why we love hearing you Awful readers sound off on these subjects. After all, we're all about a healthy discussion and freedom of speech, with the exception of hateful words, of course.

And since we know you're still down to debate these hot topics, let's recap the results, so you can continue sounding off:

No Excuse for Mr. Brown: No joking around here, when we originally asked you if Bobby Brown was wrong to exit Whitney Houston's funeral, many of you readers expressed tons o' anger towards B.B.

In fact, over 55 percent of you felt Brown should have sucked it up and stayed, considering his only child with Whitney, daughter Bobbi Kristina, was seated in the front row.

But a solid 38 percent of you thought it was totally unfair Bobby and his other children were not made welcome up front with B.K.

As for the rest? You're not ready to take sides in this Team Houston-Team Brown battle, and since this sitch just keeps getting sadder, perhaps you all have a point.

Haters Gon' Hate: Consider it the poll that sparked another round of controversy, ya know, when we asked you if you prefer honest haters to phony apologies.

And an overwhelming 73 percent of you believe good ole Kirk Cameron (along with Rush Limbaugh, Brett Ratner and—gasp!—Michael Vick) all have a right to free speech and prefer the cold, hard truth to a bogus "I'm sorry."

But despite the fact we're a tad concerned over the hateful words we've heard going around, we're totally relieved to say only a measly 2 percent prefer a fake apology to the honest truth. Thank gawd.

As for us? Well, we're sticking with the other 24 percent—those who wish they would all shut up and go away. Wouldn't that be nice, no?

LiLo's a Comeback Queen (Sorta)! We had to add a bit of fun to this pollapalooza! And we couldn't wait to see what you readers thought of Lindsay Lohan's recent attempt at a comeback (and return to her redheaded ways, yay!).

Unfortunately for Linds (and those of us rooting for the babe), an overwhelming 59 percent of you believe it's time to give another starlet a chance—one without five mug shots to date.

Oh well, we're still loving total Lindsanity.

And since 16 percent of you wanted to see the full SNL performance before you made any decision, we're hoping the Mean Girl herself swayed a few in her favor.


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