Charlize Theron, Alexander Skarsgard

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Please tell me there is no truth to Alexander Skarsgård and Charlize Theron hooking up. I might be the only one not excited about this pairing. She seems like a total bore.

Dear Beauty and the Beast:
Sorry, M, but we think these two would make a picture perfect couple and we're all for the sexy stunners pairing up. As for Charlize being a total bore? Perhaps you've mistaken Ms. Theron for Kate Bosworth, no? 'Cause Theron's absolutely captivating and her wicked 'tude in SWATH is anything but boring. The vampire and the evil queen? Now that's a fairytale romance to die for.

Dear Ted:
I can't stand the bullying anymore! But surprisingly, I'm talking to you (and other like-minded individuals). If I'm not mistaken, we still live in a country where we have freedom of speech. It's shocking to me that the ones who keep saying they're against bullying are the exact ones who bully! For example, you didn't like Sarah Palin, so you lambasted her every chance you got, with people calling her names a lot worse than "slut" (I'm looking at you, Bill Maher). Then you go off on Rush Limbaugh, Kirk Cameron, Bill O'Reilly, etc. Do you see the pattern? If everyone was so anti-bullying, well then stop advocating boycotts of people who are simply speaking their mind. I'm with you, let's stop the bullying, but please let's do it on both sides of the fence.

Dear NOH8:
I hear you, A, and you have a valid point. So I'm trying hard not to fight back with hate. Bashing those who feel victimized (whether or not we agree) only adds fuel to the fire, which I'm sure we can all concur, would be better put out. Still, I am entitled to share my opinion, but consider this a valiant effort to end the battle. I'll stick to feeling sorry for them instead.

Dear Ted:
I have a question about the obvious bloating of Lindsay Lohan's face. I have two family members who take a steroid called Prednisone that does the same thing to them...the doctor calls it "Moon Face". Prednisone is used for all kinds of conditions, from asthma to lupus to arthritis. Any chance LL's problem is due to a medical condition and not continued drug abuse?

Dear Puffy:
Since I'm rooting for Lilo's recovery, let's say drug abuse is not the source of Lindsay's apparent bloating. Gal insists she's clean, after all. Though you say Prednisone is used for asthma. So perhaps there's our culprit? Thanks for the medical lesson, M. I learn something new every day!

Dear Ted:
Can you shed some light for me please? I don't understand the Joe Jonas/Wilmer Valderrama friendship. Joe starts hanging out with his ex girlfriend's boyfriend and continues to do so after they break up. What are they getting out of this?

Dear Unlikely Pair:
I don't get it either to be honest. But what we have here is a true bromance. Wilmer thinks Joe is a really cool guy! Sometimes people just click, and it's totally random. I guess they have more in common than just their taste in women.

Dear Ted:
I read comments from people complaining that sweet little Flynn spends too much time on planes, with beautiful parents Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, for a child of 13 months. Isn't it better they want to have Flynn travel with them than leave him with relatives or a nanny? Then people would complain about the Blooms not spending enough time with Flynn. I think it's great they have Flynn with them as much as possible. What's your opinion? Thanks.

Dear Jet-Set Baby:
I honestly adore this gorgeous family. And don't understand why people aren't more supportive! Babies grow so fast. They're smart to share every moment of precious Flynn's life. I think it's great that they spend so much time together. Haters, stop hatin' on these fab parents!

Dear Ted:
I am with you on being very weary of the supposed romance between Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, they have always seemed more brother/sister than boyfriend/girlfriend to me. I am even more suspicious of this said romance since there are now reports out about Cory hooking up with another girl while in Mammoth, while Lea was basking away in the sun in Cabo. Do have any more information about this said "cheating"?

 Dear Sneaky Gleeks:
I wouldn't really call it cheating, P, since Cory and Lea never even confirmed a relaysh. Like I said before, their fling is fun for a sec, but I wouldn't count on it lasting. Heck, it may already be over. They are super cute though; glad we at least get to see 'em on the boob tube!

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