Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

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Dear Ted:
Have you heard anything about Jessica Biel being pregnant? Those pics E! ran today of her with that huge rock in that flowy dress are making us speculate!

Dear Bun in the Oven:
Hmmm…no confirmation, but that photo has certainly got people talking. Considering the private ways of these two, I wouldn't get your hopes up for any naked preggers pics à la Jessica Simpson. But since the duo did go down quite the rocky road leading to their engagement, me thinks it's just a case of unflattering attire. Probably best to wait a year and feel out their relaysh before they put a bun in the oven. Then again, you never know…here's to baby Timberbiel!

Dear Ted:
So Olivia Munn had nude photos and captions "leaked" from her cell phone. I say she did it herself, what say you, Ted? She seems like the attention-whore type.

Dear Any Press is Good Press:
Sorry, J, but we won't accuse Olivia of leaking the nude photos. But we will say that she has posted photos of herself before (nothing X-rated, of course) and it's no secret Liv adores the attention. Remember that whole Brett Ratner sitch? Yeah, babe definitely loves power, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
Really pissed with the tabs for thinking Robert Pattinson is going [after] Katy Perry. Why can't they just accept they are friends?

Dear Rumor Mill:
Are you really asking why they can't accept a friendship? Duh! Because Robsten is tabloid gold, and the tabs will do anything to stir the waters and make a headline. We all know that Rob and Kristen are the real deal—especially after their romantic week in Paris. So just ignore anyone who says they aren't. Besides, Katy Perry doesn't seem like the type to go for another girl's man, does she?

Dear Ted:
I thought the newest poll was supposed to be pop culture influences, not a popularity contest? That would change how I vote in some categories. So which is it?

Dear Go Vote!
It's both, hon. That's why we're calling it the Ultimate Fan Battle. It's about popularity and the major impact on pop culture. And since the results have seriously shocked us so far, you better go vote for your faves. Thanks for checking out the contest, L!

Dear Ted:
What the heck did Dianna Agron do to piss off Ryan Murphy? It's obvious that she's either already filmed her last episode or will be shortly...what gives?

Dear Gleek Wars:
Sorry to disappoint, but no drama-filled tale to tell. While a feud would make for a much more interesting story, it's really all love and support. Even Di's costar Damian McGinty talks about Ryan being cool with the Glee kids moving on to different projects. Maybe Dianna is just ready for other projects, or perhaps Ryan is just throwing a curveball. I do recall seeing shots of Quinn and Artie bonding in their wheelchairs. So perhaps there's hope Ms. Fabray. Do I sense a new Finchel? Just have to wait and see!

Dear Ted:
You said you think Nevis Divine and his girlfriend will split eventually. Do you think it would be more based off Nevis wanting something more with this GF or the fact that both Nevis and his GF still want a side dish? Thanks!

Dear Side Dish to Splits:
Probably a little bit of both, babe, but don't expect a split anytime soon. Nev and his GF are doing fab! And we're so thrilled for the couple.  

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