Jersey Shore


We can't tell what this says of Jionni.

After Mike finally dropped the bomb about his hookup with Snooki while she was still with her boyfriend, all Jionni does is nod his head, shake Mike's hand and say thank you. What?! Definitely not the outcome Sitch was anticipating (and we think that made him kinda sad).

Then J went back to cuddling with Snooks in bed and told her what just happened...

She was annoyed, and he reassured her that he didn't believe Mike, anyway, so it doesn't matter. However, the rest of the roommates (who heard about what happened from Sitch, obviously) felt like Jionni's nonchalant response meant he didn't care about Snooki or didn't care because he was out hooking up with other girls, anyway!


Snooks surprisingly didn't throw any hard items at Mike (just pickles) and said they're friendship was over, blah blah blah. That didn't last long, the throwing stuff part.

During dinner, a fun food fight turned personal once everyone stopped and Snooki and Mike kept going. And going. And going. The poor condiments! It was serious.

Meanwhile, no one else can decide who was lying and who was telling the truth. Sigh.

Deena decided to overlook Joey's shadiness and everyone else's warnings and go out with the kid, again. She was super tired of being the only single girl in the house, and we get that, but Joey? Even Pauly D and Vinny said no! And Dee felt like that meant something.

So she agreed to let Pauly cancel on Joey for her when he called. He told the poor schlub that Deena was sick and couldn't go out, and instead of asking if she was OK or if she needed anything, like a good guy would do, he got pissed and hung up. Um, bye.

But then he called again. Enter JWoww.

"I'm just looking out for a very dear friend of mine, who's my baby sister," she told him. "And when I smell—you know—a snake, I call him out on it." Boom!

That night, M-V-P went out to Aztec to get girls (and succeeded), while Ronnie, Sammi, JWoww and Deena went to Jimbo's just to chill. But Dee used this opportunity to vent to Jenni about Nicole, who she needed by her side but was too busy with Jionni.

Deena even cried, you guys. It was sad.

"I do miss Nicole, she used to be my partner in crime out there, like you know? Like, taking shots, going nuts. Now it's like, one meatball stands alone, kind of, which sucks."

For reasons we can't comprehend, (almost) everyone agreed to go camping—yes, out in the wilderness. That should be interesting. However, Pauly and Vinny stayed behind. You can't do a blowout out there. Plus, the bromance brothers used this time to pull the ultimate prank ever, which we'll get to.

Mike surprised us with his "immaculate" tent-building abilities.

"I can't believe he has the brain span to actually build a good tent," Ron said.

Back to the prank…

Pauly and Vin came up with the idea to move all the outside furniture inside, and all the inside furniture outside. Not an easy task for two people, but at least they have muscles. And brains? Sure, and brains.

Danny, the Shore Store boss, helped by bringing some manpower and Astroturf so they could transform the living room into the outside deck. They're not playing around, people.

When we got back to the guys in the great outdoors, we saw that they were able to make fire. Yay! But Mike was getting too excited and kept making more flames.

"He's like one of those people—a hermaphrodite or whatever it is," Deena said. She meant pyromaniac. It's OK, Dee.

After surviving one night of camping, the trip was over. We would still call that a success.

But were they ready for the biggest prank ever?

We'll find out during next week's finale (awww...)

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