Lindsay Lohan

AKM Images/Ginsburg Spaly Inc.

We're guessing she didn't take a liking to the whole Debbie Harry mix-up?

It looks like Lindsay Lohan has gone back to her roots (literally) by dying her platinum blond locks—which we were finally getting used to—to a fiery red color that's a tad lighter than the shade LiLo rocked when she first started making headlines.

The starlet was all smiles in Beverly Hills today after leaving the doctor's office (with cigarettes in hand, which we're sure her doctor wouldn't approve of, but we're not commenting on it).

There's no word on what inspired the change—which hopefully didn't take 10 hours like her previous salon sessions—but does a woman really need an excuse for some pampering? Plus, it's kinda like an addition to her latest turning-a-new-leaf attitude, along with the glowing progress reports and taking on Saturday Night Live.

Are you digging the new look or already over it? Let us know in the comments!

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