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Don't look now but Mose (Mike Schur) is totally on the set of The Office. And this should have every Dwight and Angela fan concerned!

After all, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) hinted that the only other possible baby daddy for Angela (Angela Kinsey) is Mose himself—if, in fact, he had "learned sex." And Office producer Paul Lieberstein (aka Toby Flenderson) confirms that Mose is coming back for the big reveal of Angela's baby's paternity at the end of the current season.

So what is going on? And what good news did Lieberman also spill on what's next for Erin (Ellie Kemper) and Andy (Ed Helms)?

Mose will be back! "Mike Schur is Mose as we speak," Lieberstein reveals. "He is shooting something right now for us. In the season finale, we answer the paternity question and Mose is involved in that story."

Say whosey whatsy what now? Don't tell us Mose is somehow the baby daddy?

Yeah, of course not. When asked if Mose has learned sex, Lieberstein quips, "He has learned it wrong." We assume, not the baby-makin' way...? The mind reels!

So will the Angela's baby paternity question be totally settled by season's end? Lieberstein teases: "Dwight and Angela is thrown forward definitely and their relationship takes a turn." Sounds like a cliffhanger, y'all!

For the record, Lieberstein thinks Dwight and Angela are a "terrible couple!" But that's what makes them great. "They're not going to make each other happy. Happiness is not either of their goal, so in a way they're very very suited for each other and I think will always be circling each other."

That said, Lieberstein confirms they are shooting Rainn Wilson's spinoff (tentatively called The Farm) next season, and that there will be no crossovers between the two casts. "They will be totally separate." So if Dwight is the father, one has to wonder how Dwight and Angela would be kept apart?

Meanwhile, some giddy-good news for you Erin and Andy fans: Lieberstein reveals that Andy "is going to realize that he wants Erin and how  much he misses her. And he's going to try and go to Florida to get her. But she's, you know, not planning on coming back to Scranton and she is starting a new life in Florida. So hopefully it's not too late."

From your mouth to Paul Lieberstein's ears, buddy!

The Office airs tonight on NBC.

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