Terra Nova

Brook Rushton/FOX

Netflix to the rescue…again!

Sources confirm to E! News the report that Netflix is in talks to bring the recently canceled Fox drama Terra Nova to their platform with new episodes…

As first reported by Deadline.com, Netflix is looking to bring the dinosaur adventure show back from the dead. According to our source, it's only preliminary conversations at this point andit's not yet clear whether a deal will happen. Translation: Don't get too excited just yet, Terra Nova fans.

Fox announced they would not be renewing the Stephen Spielberg-produced series on Monday, but the studio was shopping it around other networks to try and find a new home. This would not be the first time the streaming service would rescue a Fox show from the TV graveyard: Arrested Development will return with new episodes on Netflix, for which we are forever grateful.

Netflix did not respond to our request for comment.

Do you think Netflix should resuce the series? Or should Terra Nova remain extinct? You're welcome for waiting this long to make the way-too-easy extinct pun, by the way.

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