Debbie Harry, Lindsay Lohan

Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash; Freddie Baez/

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We made a mistake. It's true (and we're not too proud to admit it...).

Last week, we suggested that the 25-year-old, perpetually rehabilitating actress, Lindsay Lohan, with her platinum blonde locks and, well, failure to actually look her age, was channeling Donatella Versace. We were wrong.

She's actually channeling...

Debbie Harry, the singer from Blondie.

Unbeknownst to the paparazzi, both singers were staying at the Mercer Hotel in NYC. When Debbie walked out the door in a hoodie and sunglasses, they thought they were snapping photos of Lohan, who was in the city for her Saturday Night Live hosting gig. Whoops. Their bad.

In Lohan's defense, she was workin' a hoodie and sunglasses too. But still...

Poor Blondie. And by the way, you look Mah-velous!

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