William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman

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Forget towels and coffee mugs: Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy have his-and-her stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The longtime couple were both honored Wednesday—Macy for movies, Huffman for TV—not only by colleagues like Aaron Sorkin, Marcia Cross, Vanessa Williams and David Mamet, but by each other, too.

"The first time I saw Felicity she was doing a scene for acting class wearing a silk, cream-colored blouse with no bra. I thought, 'Man, this girl is talented,'" Macy cracked about his wife of nearly 12 years.

And Huffman returned the compliment!

"The first time I saw Bill, he was wearing an Izod shirt with a tie. I thought 'Man, is his wife gorgeous,'" quipped the Desperate Housewives star.

And their joint acceptance speech continued accordingly, each actor out-punchlining the other.

"The first time we ever did it in a dressing room at a theater was in a play called 'OH Hell' by David Mamet...at Lincoln Center. We got good reviews," Macy offered.

"The first time we ever did it in a dressing room at a studio," added Huffman, "was in a series called Sports Night by Aaron Sorkin...at ABC. We got our first child."

Oh, those two.

Huffman also took a moment to talk Desperate Housewives with E! News, admitting that she's sad to see it all end after eight seasons.

"I still get chills when I arrive at the Universal gates," she said. "It may be time, but it's sad. We're a family, I love the show."

And what of the drama occurring in a courthouse downtown, where former cast member Nicollette Sheridan is accusing series creator Marc Cherry of hitting her in the head and then killing her off when she complained about it?

"It's been hard," Huffman said. "I wish it wasn't happening...It's too bad, but, I have to say, it's not really influencing what we do on set. We're all still working and [doing] OK."

As for those who aren't still working on Desperate Housewives...

Lori Kirkland Baker, a former writer on the series, testified this afternoon that Cherry told staffers he wanted Sheridan's character, Edie Britt, to die during the fifth season finale in May 2009.

But then, in January 2009, Baker said, Cherry changed his mind and said Edie would die some time before season's end.

 "It felt like it was being stuck into any old episode," she said. "It didn't seem we were building into something special."

Baker testified that she didn't fully believe Edie would go, that she was a popular character and "this would blow over."

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Sheridan contends that she was assured of Edie's safety in August 2008 but that, after Cherry hit her "upside the head" on set and she complained about it to a line producer, he expedited plans to get rid of her.

Cherry maintains that he mapped out Edie's season-five demise in May 2008, as the show's fourth season was coming to a close—and that the idea had been broached as early as during season three.

—Additional reporting by Farrell Roth

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