Justin Bieber


How I Met Your Mother is about to catch Bieber fever!

Word is, the pop sensation will come front and center in a storyline on the hit CBS comedy this season, but he won't be all there.

Meanwhile, which CW show is about to kill off an integral character? And why should we be very concerned for Schmidt's, er...stick on New Girl?

So dig into some scoop, including info on Grimm, Parks & Recreation, GCB and more!

Diane: Can't wait for Secret Circle to return next week? Got any scoop to hold me over until then?
How about some scoop that'll make the wait even more torturous? A little birdie tells us that death will be visiting Chance Harbor again very soon. Like, March 15 soon. 

j5fan1: When will we finally see Ted in the green dress from S6's "The Mermaid Theory" on HIMYM
Well, the title of episode 22 is "Now We're Even!" so that should give you a pretty good indication! Also going down in that episode? Pop star Justin Bieber is stopping by! And he'll be bald! OK, so it won't actually be J.B., but the show is currently looking for a lookalike, so it's basically the same thing, right? And who doesn't want to see the Biebs all baldy? Conan, here's your shot at a return, buddy.

Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill

Michael Tackett/The CW

Chelle: Is Chad Michael Murray making another appearance on OTH?? That 3 minute teaser appearance was a joke!
We're afraid CMM's recent appearance on One Tree Hill was no joke and will most likely be the last time we see Lucas on the CW show. How we do we know? Because creator Mark Schwan told us so, adding that Lucas will be brought up in passing conversation only. We were on set when Murray filmed his scenes in the airport and unless he filmed something super top-secret for the finale, it seems highly unlikely that the prodigal son will return once more. 

Kimmie in Fullerton, Calif.: Some Modern Family scoop would be splendid! 
Ay Dios Mio! The Modern Family finale is quickly approaching and it looks like it's going to be Gloria's time to shine. (Well, more so than normal) The final episode "Telenovela" will introduce us to many new characters including a grandmother who is described as elegant, beautiful and classy and fluent in Spanish. Whether or not this is Gloria's abuela we cannot reveal, but we can say that that we'll be seeing some smokin' hot sisters! Think the Kardashians, but with a Spanish twist… 

@LouiseARyan Anything on GCB? I'm in love <3
Prepare to learn a whole lot more about Cricket (Miriam Shor) and Blake's (Mark Deklin) unusual marriage, including his extracurricular activities. While those probably won't surprise you too much, Cricket's attitude toward them might. It's safe to say their marriage is quickly becoming one of our favorites on TV. Bonus: Kristin Chenoweth sings Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel" in the most hilarious way. Trust us, it's great. 

Nelson: Anything on Schmidt and CeCe on New Girl? They've grown on me.
He's going to injure his penis in an upcoming episode and it's a problem when CeCe is around. So, their relationship might be on ice  (along with his ding-a-ling) in coming episodes.

Tyler in Bent, Ore.: I need some Grimm!!
We already told you that soon we'll met Grimm's version of Prince Charming, but how's this for a twist?  We'll also be introduced to a Fairy Godfather! Spencer is a polished and upscale man who has always looked after Lucinda, a gorgeous Cinderella-type girl, ever since her father passed away at a young age.  Oh but did we mention that he's also a bat-like creature known as a Murceilgo? Guess his wings are going to be a little less glittery than the Blue Fairy's.

Carla, in Miami: Up All Night makes me happy. Please make me happy. 
Well, here's a little jolt of happy for ya! We told you waaaay back in November that the oh-so-lazy Megan Mullally would be coming to to guest star and in the second to last episode of the season, she'll arrive with a bang! Mullally plays Shanya, a rival talk-show host who once was Ava's protégé. We'll be seeing these queens of comedy at an over-the-top crazy party surrounded by "silver-fox" Asian men wearing nothing but some very fancy boxers. Ooh la la! Oh and these fellas will also be singing along to Lady Gaga's hit song "Poker Face." If this scene doesn't get your body tingling in all the right places, then you're in desperate need of a check-up. 

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Leanne Aguilera and Drusilla Moorhouse

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