Russell Brand, Zooey Deschanel

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So True So False, STSF

Is the newly single Russell Brand gunning to make Zooey Deschanel his New Girl?

After filing for divorce from Katy Perry in December—and hitting up the Hollywood social scene with his male entourage—word was that Brand was showing interest and sending "flirty texts" to none other than Perry's doppelgänger, Zooey.

It makes sense. They obviously look a lot alike (more so than these two ladies), which means there's gotta be some physical attraction on his end at least, and it's not like we haven't seen guys go after a new lady that resembles their ex before.

Plus, Deschanel is dealing with the separation from ex-hubby Ben Gibbard, so she and Brand are, like, totally on the same page!

As you brainstorm their hybrid names (Zoesell? Russey?), know that this rumor is...

So false!

Whether Brand finds Zooey attractive, funny and witty (along with the rest of us) or not, it doesn't seem as though he's making a move on it, or even has the means to. At least, that's what Deschanel says of the whole situation.

"That's a complete fabrication!" she told The Guardian in an interview. "I don't even know him! I maybe met him once, in passing, four years ago. And he definitely doesn't have my phone number! That was a story made up by a single website. It's crazy how that got picked up—I mean how does that even happen?"

Does this make us sad? Meh, too predictable. 

We're still rooting for Summer and Tom Zooey and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take making sweet music together to a different level, if you know what we mean.

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