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Hey, all you Arrested Development fans who are skeptical the show will ever actually come back, Will Arnett has a memo for you:

"We are deep into it. It is happening. The writers are at the writers' offices for Arrested Development...Mitch Hurwitz is writing the episodes for the miniseries that will lead into the movie."

We'll take it! We chatted with Will on the set of Up All Night, where Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph also gave us some scoop on their behind-the-scenes dynamic and tonight's episode, and talked real-life babies....Will Christina have more?

More than halfway through its freshman season, NBC's Up All Night is holding its own on Thursday nights, and Will (whose last comedy experience, Running Wilde, was short-lived) is hopeful the show will live on. "We're trying to make a fun show and we're having fun doing it. We've got um…what are those gals' names? Oh my gosh, this is embarrassing. Christine? And Mia? I love them. The girls and I are really tight."

He's talking of course about Maya and Christina, and the "girls" insist they really are tight.  "Will is one of those people who is good at everything," Maya teasingly begrudges, after watching Arnett bowl a few strikes (tonight's episode takes place in part at a bowling alley). Will, ever the humble soul, interjects: "No, no, Maya, I feel like I'm cutting you off, keep going…"

On tonight's episode, Christina and Will's characters acquire some "gaybers"—or rather, gay neighbors, played by Ben Falcone and Nat Faxon (who just won an Oscar for The Descendants). "They're just like us," Christina explains. "So we match up…until we don't."

Ben says he wanted to do the show because his wife Melissa McCarthy worked with Christina (on Samantha Who), and Nat jokes that his and Ben's on-screen romance "Is becoming more than just a part on a show, this is becoming a lifelong commitment. We told our wives this morning. After the first shot. It just felt right." Mazel tov!

Applegate, who brings her 1-year-old daughter Sadie to set every chance she gets, tells us she does plan to have another baby. "I go back and forth. I mean, I don't think I'm done, I go back and forth with when it's going to be and sometimes as I watch her really progress into a toddler, I'm missing her as a baby. So I get that baby fever, but I can't do it yet, not for a couple of years."

For more baby talk, funtimes and ridiculousness—Wanna feel Will Arnett's muscles? See him pretend to be blind? Channel Michael Keaton?—check out our exclusive video interviews above and below.

P.S. In case you're wondering why Will is dancing around chanting "We gotta get that nose bleedin'!" in the interview clip, true story: He once made me laugh so hard on the set of Arrested Development I ruptured a blood vessel in my nose. And yes, we have video proof…

Up All Night airs tonight on NBC. (E! is part of the NBCUniversal family.)


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