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When Jersey Shore star Snooki announced she has a mini meatball in the oven and a bling-tastic ring on her finger (both from BF Jionni LaValle), a lot of people were skeptical about the party gal's mama skills—to which Jionni tweeted "#youllgeturs."

But while the haters are getting theirs, we present to you five reasons we think Snook is going to be a great mother. Least of which is we're dying to see Snooki's nude booty on the cover of a magazine, à la Demi Moore Jessica Simpson every damn pregnant celebrity ever!!!

So we hope the rest of the cast is ready to turn the smush room into a nursery, because it's T-shirt onesie time:

1. Water Births Are All the Rage: Ya know how celebs love to give those fancy au natural births in a tub with a midwife or whatever? Well maybe that's been the plan all along for Snooks, who has scored some serious hot-tub time down at the shore. It only makes sense then that she'll be perfectly at home in the H2O when it comes time to pop that little baby out. And then Snooki can immediately pass on some hot-tub wisdom to her mini-me (like, save the skinny-dipping for after you've already gotten to know your roomies).

Jersey Shore, Snooki


2. Pregnancy Cravings = Regular Snooki Food! Of course, the party is over for Snooki, who told Us Weekly that she has "different priorities" now that she knows she's preggo. (FYI, she found out she was expecting after celebrating in Vegas, of all places.) Even though she won't be doing cartwheels at Kharma, Snooki can still indulge in a fave: Pickles! And if rom-coms have taught us anything, it's that preggo women love pickles. And Snooki has been on that bandwagon for years!

3. She's Probably DT(B)F! That'd be "Down to Breastfeed," people. And anyway, how different are breast-pumping and fist-pumping anyway? Snooki has never been shy about letting it all hang out in public (Google "Snooki wardrobe malfunction" or peep any of the many time the Jersey Shore has had to blur out her mini-Snooki), so not only will she have an excuse for any future slips, but she won't suffer stage fright when her meatball gets hungry.

4. Poop? No Problem! Everyone knows what babies are best at: sleeping, crying and pooping. Well Snook's used to an unusual sleeping sched (the clubs are open all night, after all) and certainly can shed some tears herself, but the most important thing is that poop is one of Snooki's favorite topics of conversation! Snooki revealed, "Every time I get really excited, like if we go to a club, I have to poop my pants." Well, we know now at least one thing the mama-to-be will have in common with her yet-to-be-born guido or guidette.

5. No One Will "F--k" With Snooki Jr.! In the first season of the Jersey Shore, she warned everyone who would listen that she didn't mind you talking smack about her but if you gossip about her girls, her boyfriend or her family she will "f--k you up." If that doesn't scream maternal instinct, we don't know what does! We have no doubts that baby Snooki will grow up with a seriously killer poof and a support system that'll step in if anyone ever tries to mess with her (or him).

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