Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore

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OK, so it's not like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have thrown out their divorce papers, but Ashton has reached out to his estranged wifey. The Two and a Half Men star visited Demi at their once-shared pad after she returned to L.A. from her stint in rehab.

But while Demi was busy working through her personal demons, we started to wonder if a reconciliation may be in the cards for the former couple—after all, Kutch stepped out to support stepdaughter Rumer (sans Demi) at her concert in Hollywood Monday night.

So what does Camp Demi think of the cougarific couple giving it another shot?!

"She may want it [to get back together] but she'll never say that, thank God, because she shouldn't and none of us want her to [get back together]," fervently insisted a source very close to Moore.

Hmm…why so insistent? The twosome was once one of the most lovey-dovey couples in town, after all.

Could Demi be doing that much better after her time in rehab and friends think Ashton would just set her back on a downward spiral? Perhaps. Remember, Moore insiders have previously told us her obsession with youth and Ashton's alleged cheating scandal both fueled her recent demise.

But our source was more than happy to explain exactly why Ashton is completely wrong for the Striptease stunner:  

"He is not a nice man. Him, I don't care about, and he definitely isn't getting back together," our Demi pal attested, before adding, "Actually, let me change that, he doesn't want to get back together, I think that's very, very clear."

"What he does publicly may be a different matter," our source clarifies, weary of Ashton's tabloid-friendly charm. "I do not trust him."

But back to Demi: How is the babe doing these days, following her late-night 911 emergency and subsequent treatment?

"I just think she's very, very sad, and how can she not be?"

Understandable. We wish you well, Dem, and hope things work out for the best—whether that includes Ashton or not.

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